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How to maintain plywood?

The so-called plywood refers to a three-layer or multi-layer board like material made by rotating and cutting wood segments into veneer or planing wood into thin wood, and then bonding with adhesive. It is a commonly used board product in the modern decoration industry, mainly used for furniture surfaces. Therefore, the maintenance of plywood has become the maintenance of plywood furniture. How to maintain plywood furniture in daily life?

Firstly, furniture made of plywood should not be washed with water during regular cleaning to prevent delamination of the plywood. Generally, stains can be removed with detergent, and then wiped dry with a soft damp cloth; In addition, in daily life, maintaining plywood furniture should also pay attention to the following key points:

1. Plywood furniture should be placed smoothly to prevent damage to the mortise structure.

2. Plywood should not be exposed to sunlight to prevent deformation.

3. It should not be placed in a damp and airtight place, as it is prone to moisture expansion and deterioration.

4. For furniture such as large wardrobes, heavy objects should not be placed on the top of the cabinet, as it can easily deform the door frame.

5. If there are cracks in plywood furniture, it should be evenly mixed with putty and paint before being embedded flat to prevent the cracks from extending and expanding.

6. When cleaning the surface of plywood furniture, do not use alkaline water or boiling water to wash it to prevent damage to the paint surface.

7. In case of alkali water or stains on the surface of furniture, it is necessary to wipe it off with water in a timely manner and then apply polish.